Wetsuit (noun):

A close-fitting garment of neoprene or similar material typically covering most of the body but not designed to exclude water, worn for warmth in water sports or diving.

First Scuba Class Completed 

Sunday was the last day of my first scuba class and confined water dives, which I took place at my university's pool.
All the hard work I put into my running and swimming workouts paid off because I passed my watermanship skills requirements.
The watermanship skills are similar to a physical fitness test ( just in water ) completed before starting a dive course. 

I had to: 
Swim 200 meters non-stop
Submerge swimming (underwater) for more than 40 meters
Pick up a 10-pound brick from the bottom of the pool (12 ft.) 
Tread water for 10 minutes in the deep end of the pool

I recommend anyone interested in a new sport to join a scuba program. Breathing underwater is surreal, exciting and fun. In May I will do my first open water dives, and I cannot wait. Of course, I had to take a picture when I first tried on my wetsuit.