Twenty–Five (adjective):

Being one more than 24 in number.


I am officially 25. Rumor has it that this is the year that I will experience a “quarter-life” crisis. However, I refuse to consider my life at this time a crisis, but rather a time to embrace more change, more life, and more growth.  

When I was little, I remember thinking at 25 I would be a supermodel. I would be able to go to the mall alone and drive a car.  


Fast forward to current reality: I’m not a supermodel, going to the mall is an annoying task, and I do drive my car that I also have to pay for (+ car insurance + maintenance + gas). I am not here to complain though. I am extremely blessed to have done the things I’ve done in my 25 years on this earth. My younger self would be so amazed by the things we’ve accomplished thus far. Forget supermodel; I partake in a love story even Taylor Swift hasn’t even written about yet. I’ve traveled for free to different countries for the love of science, swam with sharks and have some amazing people in my life. All of that + my relationship with God has built the foundation of what people know as Keeli – a petite sweet individual that still eats way too many donuts, can quote Mean Girls every single day and chooses optimism over stress. Every day I witness daylight is a blessing. I have learned to accept my mistakes and not beat myself about them. And, I am still learning. Learning that friends grow apart, not to overly invest in relationships that are one-sided or that giving your all doesn’t mean you’ll get the same equal return. I’m learning that doubt is a normal feeling to have when presented with huge responsibilities but having the confidence to overcome the doubt plays a part in how successful your results will be.  

I am rambling a little, ha, but my last few points include this, I believe it’s important to enjoy the little things. Mine include eating at restaurants alone every once in a while, watching shows that make me cry, spending time with my mom and staying in proximity to those who believe in me and my dreams.  

In my short time living as a 25-year-old (its been a month), I have tried new things like yoga and still don't look a day over 16. I haven't attempted to rent a car yet, but that may be my next venture! 

Year 25 I am ready for you, and I hope you are good to me. -Keeli

Edited by @joshuaperrin_