Rejuvenated (verb):

Make (someone or something) look or feel younger, fresher, or more lively.

Happy 2019!

I did not want to start this new year with empty goals and empty resolutions

As an alternative, on the first day of the year, I developed my vision board which has subconsciously allowed me to actually achieve/ start to work on things I really want to do.

*Shout out to my sister for showing me hers and inspiring me* 

I’ll share my vision board below and I am happy to explain anything within the squares, just leave me a comment on this post.

My 2019 vision board

My 2019 vision board

Another activity (which was very difficult, but rewarding) was fasting for 21 days. I modified my fast and gave up the following:

  • caffeine/coffee

  • sweets (no added sugar anything) 

  • meat 

  • social media (personal accounts) 

What I’ve learned over the last 21 days about myself + 

  • Well… I am very hard on myself, which I need to work on. Day four of my fast I mistakenly ordered the wrong breakfast sandwich (with meat & took multiple bites before realizing) and kinda beat myself up about it, instead of acknowledging a silly mistake.

  • I was spending way too much time on my phone viewing the lives of others because of social media and the notifications. When I didn’t have this distraction I made more time for myself.

  • I felt it was important to mend and build my relationships with friends and family. 

  • Spent more time making my space a home, which provided me more comfort.

  • I experienced more joy when I wasn’t trying to go go go. I dedicated more time to random activities like biking with my boyfriend to local places instead of taking the car.

  • I thought I needed coffee but I NEEDED to really drink more water and eat healthier, which has made me feel better.

  • The most important: I spoke with God a lot by participating in more prayer and bible study. I also analyzed my happiness and purpose with him and outlined what my definition of success looks like.

I definitely feel rejuvenated after this experience and eager for the rest of this year.

Have you started anything special this year? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


"We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves, otherwise we harden." -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe