Overload (noun):

an excessive load or amount.

I can’t believe that summer has come and gone – and I can already feel my favorite season just around the corner. This year my life is a little different than the last few years because I started grad school.

No matter how much time I spent pre-planning and organizing before school started, I was still caught off-guard with the required expectations of me.

I’m at my day job part-time, going to school full-time and working as a teaching assistant, which means that I can’t do all of the things that I want to. (Needless to say, my time management skills are put to the test each day).

A fellow blogger and friend of mine, Paige Mariah has a wonderful blog post on managing your time by pampering your mind.

Since I’ve been trying to get used to my new schedule, reading her advice put me at ease! If you are transitioning, starting a new career or program or just want great fashion and lifestyle advice, I recommend checking out her blog here!

As Paige puts it, "Be dedicated to treating your mind well and it will repay you by being strong during those difficult times.

So, because of my new schedule, I plan to share monthly blog posts. This way there is some consistency, and I don't fall down the "blogger burn out" hole again!

For my last summer hurrah, I traveled to Philly for the Made in America Music Festival. The festival features musical artists hand-picked by the infamous Jay-Z. During this two-day event, I had the pleasure of meeting up with friends from my undergraduate alma mater, Hampton University! My favorite performances were by Travis Scott, Chance the Rapper, Sza and of course Cold Play. I've added the Tidal playlist that includes all festival artists here!

A video is below, featuring music by Chrome Sparks, an artist I really wish had been invited to perform, but you should check out his music too. I start the video off at this awesome place called Milkcrate Cafe. My boyfriend and I ate breakfast and shopped for vinyl records both mornings before heading to the festival. Hope you enjoy the festival through my eyes and don't forget to rest your mind if you are feeling overloaded. 

Fall in love with taking care of yourself mind, body, spirit.

Edited by: Joshua Perrin
Twitter: @joshuaperrin_