Aspect (noun):

A particular part or feature of something.

Keeewii Aspects

2017 has been a fun year.
I spent the latter part of it re-evaluating my purpose and just being happy + traveling. During Thanksgiving, I was able to make a short road trip with Christian from Durham to Hanging Rock, NC. 

Below is a short video of our trip. 

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Road Trip (noun):

A long distance journey on the road.

If this is your first time visiting the blog, welcome! I hope your holiday season is going well. 

Since it is #ThrowbackThursday, I thought it would be fun to dedicate this post to a travel experience that happened exactly a year ago. My boyfriend Christian and I went to Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. For those who are not familiar with these two places, they are two landscapes in Page, Arizona in between the Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks.

Because we live so far away from each other, planning took a few months. One requirement for this trip was not to spend a lot of money since Christmas was right around the corner. Christian lives in Los Angeles and I live in Washington DC, so it only made sence for me to fly to California to meet him so that we could drive and not waste money on two flights.

Using Christian’s car, we drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas (which took about 5 hours) and spent the night at Bally's Hotel. Booking months in advance was smart because the hotel had a promotion for $40 a night (before taxes). 


The next morning, we woke up about 4 am to drive from Las Vegas to Horseshoe Bend, which took 4.5 hours.


On the road, we always stop at the first gas station we see if we are not in a major city (and if it doesn't look creepy). I always have this daunting feeling that we might never see another gas station again, so about 2 hours into the drive we stopped for gas, snacks, extra water and hand warmers. 


The walk from the parking lot to the view of the bend is short, and when we finally got there I was both terrified and amazed! It is a remarkable view, but I am afraid of heights. We spent about an hour taking pictures, stretching our legs and enjoying just being outside.

IMG_5250 2.JPG

Our next stop was Antelope Canyon, which is only a few miles away from Horseshoe Bend. We went into this part of the trip blindly because we didn’t know about the tours or fees associated. There is a requirement to go into the lower canyon with a tour guide costing $26 per person. 

*Starting in January of 2018 general admission will increase to $40 per person.


To get into the lower canyon, you have to walk down a skinny staircase backwards (my fear of heights was definitely tested this trip). The tour lasted over an hour, and I was super grateful for the hand warmers because 45 minutes into the tour, I was really cold. The pictures are no comparison to being there in-person for the amazing views. 


After visiting the canyon, we stopped at a Jack in the Box/ gas station before getting back on the road to Vegas. We spent another night at Bally’s and drove back to Los Angeles the next morning.

From this trip, I realized that there are many places to see and you don’t have to be a world traveler to do so. My advice to you is to take advantage of your own time doing something you want to do and just go for it!

If you ever plan on making a road trip like this one, here are my suggestions:

  • Check the weather multiple times, bring lots of layers if you’re going during a cold season and buy hand warmers!
  • Bring a backpack with everything you think you would need if you were stuck in the desert.
  • Have snacks and lots of water. 
  • Take some time to consider your travel buddies. We spent more than 10 hours in the car for our trip. We equally split up the drive as well, but unless you really love someone or can hang with them for an extended period in a vehicle, don’t travel with them. It won’t be fun.  
  • Do your research. Look into all the places you plan to visit using travel websites, blogs, Pinterest, message boards, etc.

Since the trip, Christian and I have been planning small outdoor excursions and have another one coming up in a few short weeks. If you plan on taking a trip or have already done so, I’d love to hear from you and learn about your tips and tricks to having a good time.

"The world is too big to stay in one place and life is too short to do just one thing." 

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Twenty–Five (adjective):

Being one more than 24 in number.


I am officially 25. Rumor has it that this is the year that I will experience a “quarter-life” crisis. However, I refuse to consider my life at this time a crisis, but rather a time to embrace more change, more life, and more growth.  

When I was little, I remember thinking at 25 I would be a supermodel. I would be able to go to the mall alone and drive a car.  


Fast forward to current reality: I’m not a supermodel, going to the mall is an annoying task, and I do drive my car that I also have to pay for (+ car insurance + maintenance + gas). I am not here to complain though. I am extremely blessed to have done the things I’ve done in my 25 years on this earth. My younger self would be so amazed by the things we’ve accomplished thus far. Forget supermodel; I partake in a love story even Taylor Swift hasn’t even written about yet. I’ve traveled for free to different countries for the love of science, swam with sharks and have some amazing people in my life. All of that + my relationship with God has built the foundation of what people know as Keeli – a petite sweet individual that still eats way too many donuts, can quote Mean Girls every single day and chooses optimism over stress. Every day I witness daylight is a blessing. I have learned to accept my mistakes and not beat myself about them. And, I am still learning. Learning that friends grow apart, not to overly invest in relationships that are one-sided or that giving your all doesn’t mean you’ll get the same equal return. I’m learning that doubt is a normal feeling to have when presented with huge responsibilities but having the confidence to overcome the doubt plays a part in how successful your results will be.  

I am rambling a little, ha, but my last few points include this, I believe it’s important to enjoy the little things. Mine include eating at restaurants alone every once in a while, watching shows that make me cry, spending time with my mom and staying in proximity to those who believe in me and my dreams.  

In my short time living as a 25-year-old (its been a month), I have tried new things like yoga and still don't look a day over 16. I haven't attempted to rent a car yet, but that may be my next venture! 

Year 25 I am ready for you, and I hope you are good to me. -Keeli

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Repose (noun):

Peace; tranquillity; calm.

I developed an obsession with decorating my room at a young age because of my mom’s enthusiasm for home decor. I remember waiting in department stores begging for a pretzel as she pondered over which color sheets or furniture should be in mine and my sister’s room. It wasn’t until recently that I learned she dreamed of being an interior designer before college, but then went into computer science (go women in STEM!!).

Ever since middle school, I’ve been creating my DIY projects via Tumblr searches (throwback), YouTube and the Pinterest. BTW, if you have Pinterest add me!

Your room is your space to control, so it’s important to be comfortable – regardless of how much time you spend there. Even in college, I went all out with personalizing my dorm room.

Now that I’m out on my own, some of my favorite home decorations are a mix of things that I acquired in undergrad and projects that I finished a couple of months ago. Recently, I’ve seen a spike in interest from friends and followers over photos of my bedroom, so I decided to put together a list of room essentials. Disclaimer: I am not an interior designer or “room expert,” these are just some of my personal favorites.

I have a very bohemian style set up. I never planned to go with that style, it kind of just happened – I didn’t choose the bohemian lifestyle, the bohemian lifestyle chose me. I love my bed on the ground (very Urban Outfitters like) & I didn’t want a ton of furniture because I don’t believe that DC will be my permanent home.

Now, there are four super important ingredients to make my room whole, and I’ve broken them down for you.

Keeewii’s Greenhouse


Greenery is a necessity in my room. I love the outdoors so having a part of nature in my home makes me happy. Plus, it feels good to see that I have a green thumb. I always buy flowers from Trader Joe’s every week – they’re only $4!!

If you are trying to start your own plant space in your room or home, I will be doing a blog on just that soon, but in the meantime, check out where I shop for plants & pots!

Crates, Crates & more Crates!

This crate shelf was a DIY project I completed a couple of years ago when I lived in Durham. I purchased them from Walmart, and I chose dark walnut wood spray paint to color.

You’re supposed to nail them together, which I hadn't done because I knew I would be moving when I made them, and since I will probably be moving again I am not going to nail them anytime soon. (That’s probably why mine look a little uneven).

I have a lot of little items in my crates. Some were gifts others I’ve collected over the years like this fish that I found at INDIO, which is a local shop in Durham (I believe it is important to shop locally if you have the chance).

I own a million of them! But, I’ll let you know where to get them from – and how to make buying them as cheap as possible.

Thrift stores – a fmajority of the frames on my wall fixture are from thrift stores I know I spent no more than $5 on all of these.


World Market – I thought this broken one was so cute and it was only $1.99!

Target – All of their frames are super cheap and basic. They are great choices for very extravagant prints because they do not take away from the piece!

HomeGoods – I bought my chalkboard from here and my camera picture!
*I did paint my camera one * I actually removed the back panel of it and painted it silver, the backdrop was initially blue inside.

So, what to put in the frames? Pictures & scrapbooking paper!  I own a lot of pictures, some of which are just hanging around my room (I like to change out frames A LOT). I also have my own photo printer, but it only prints 4x6. I have a Polaroid camera, too!

The picture above my bed is one I had blown up! My boyfriend, Christian took it the last day we were in Moorea, French Polynesia. I got it printed  here . 

The picture above my bed is one I had blown up! My boyfriend, Christian took it the last day we were in Moorea, French Polynesia. I got it printed here

Pictured above are my  dresser ,  jewelry holder  (I spiced it up by painting it silver), stickers and memory holder. I have a large collection of stickers and pins, but my favorites are displayed around my room.

Pictured above are my dresser, jewelry holder (I spiced it up by painting it silver), stickers and memory holder. I have a large collection of stickers and pins, but my favorites are displayed around my room.

This is a simple peek into my room – if I would’ve included everything then you guys would’ve been reading for hours! If there is anything that you are curious, please ask. Also, if you have a bangin’ room and you’d like to share pictures, blogs or have a cool DIY, please comment and share below!

"Home is wherever you leave everything you love and never question it will be there when you return." — Leo Christopher

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