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Photos by @ dick.chainey  & myself

Photos by @dick.chainey & myself

~Second grade Keeewii~

~Second grade Keeewii~

I was born and raised in Southern California, lived on the east coast for awhile, but I am back in SoCal! I have a ton of superpowers – like teaching, communications junkie, editor, and on and on – but for right now let’s just say that I am a photographer and lifestyle blogger. This web space is a catalog of my mid-twenty-something adventures. I hope you’ll stick around to travel with me, soak in advice or schedule a photography session!

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I eat way too many donuts.

I buy myself flowers every week.

I’ll travel the distance for good coffee & latte art.

I have a master’s degree in Environmental Science.

I am an amateur musichead.

I know 98% of the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s entire discography.

I can’t go long periods of time without being in the ocean.

I’ll probably die in Birkenstocks or Vans.

My favorite plant is Monstera.

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